Code of Conduct and Business Ethics


All officers of the company will dress formally (trousers, shirts and shoes) during office hours. Officers will also be allowed to wear Shalwar Kamiz with waist coat/coat along with shoes on any working day or when working on holidays. However, there will be no exemption in dress code for Office Boys, Drivers and Field staff.

The Disciplinary Code:

1) LTC expects acceptable behavior and adherence to the company’s policies and procedures, regulations and standards of discipline from all of the employees.
2) LTC expects from its employees:
  1. Not to take part in or subscribe to or aid or assist any activity against the laws of Pakistan.
  2. Abide by the current rules and regulations
  3. No employee shall seek, accept or permit himself for any member of his family to accept any gift or favor, the receipt of which will place him under any form of official obligation to the donor.
  4. No employee shall lend money to, or borrow money from, or place himself under any pecuniary obligation to any person with whom he has any official dealing.  This, however, does not include the normal client/lender relationship of private individuals and bankers/financial institutions.
  5. No employee shall communicate directly or indirectly any official document or information to the press or to a person not authorized to receive it.
  6. No employee shall, in any document published or in any communication made to the press, in his own name, or in any public utterance, make any statement of fact or opinion without prior permission from the Competent Authority.
  7. CEO can take disciplinary action through panel/inquiry committee against any employee who is involved in disobedience, false or misleading any one against company.
  1. Build Trust and Credibility

The success of our business is dependent on the trust and confidence we earn from our employees, stake holders and operators. We gain credibility by adhering to our commitment, displaying honesty and integrity and reaching company goals solely through honorable conduct. It is easy to say what we must do, but the proof is in our actions. Ultimately, we will be judged on what we do.
When considering any action, it is wise to ask: will this build trust and credibility for Lahore Transport Company. Will it help create a working environment in which Lahore Transport Company can succeed over the long term? Is the commitment I am making one I can follow through with? The only way we will maximize trust and credibility is by answering “yes” to those questions and by working every day to build our trust and credibility.
  1. Respect for the Individual

We all deserve to work in an environment where we are treated with dignity and respect. Lahore Transport Company is committed to creating such an environment because it brings out the full potential in each of us, which, in turn, contributes directly to our business success. We cannot afford to let anyone’s talents go to waste.
Sexual harassment or harassment based on race, gender, color, region, national, origin, age, sexual orientation, disability or veteran status or any other negative activity which affects ones dignity shall not be tolerable in LTC. LTC follows the act and rules enforced by the Government of Punjab which includes Protection against Harassment of Women at Workplace Act 2010, Protection against Harassment of Women at Workplace Act (Amendment) Act2012, and Rules 2013. 
It is mandatory for every employee in LTC to follows the rules and regulations stated in Harassment Act 2010, 2012 and Rules 2013.In case of any violation, the employee shall immediately report to the Head of Human Resource Department. The harassment committee shall investigate the allegation and on the bases of evidences the final decision shall be taken.
  1. Create a Culture of Open and Honest Communication

At Lahore Transport Company, everyone should feel comfortable to speak his or her mind, particularly with respect to ethics concerns. Managers have a responsibility to create an open and supportive environment where employees feel comfortable raising such questions. We all benefit tremendously when employees exercise their power to prevent mistakes or wrongdoing by asking the right questions at the right times.
Lahore Transport Company will investigate all reported instances of questionable or unethical behavior. In every instance where improper behavior is found to have occurred, the company will take appropriate action. We will not tolerate retaliation against employees who raise genuine ethics concerns in good faith.
Lahore Transport Company has its own Whistleblowing Policy.
Employees are encouraged, in the first instance, to address such issues with their managers or the HR manager, as most problems can be resolved swiftly. If for any reason that is not possible or if an employee is not comfortable raising the issue with his or her manager or HR, Lahore Transport Company’s CEO (Chief Executive Officer) does operate with an open-door policy.
  1. Set Tone at the Top

Management has the added responsibility for demonstrating, through their actions, the importance of this Code. In any business, ethical behavior does not simply happen; it is the product of clear and direct communication of behavioral expectations, modeled from the top and demonstrated by example. Again, ultimately, our actions are what matters.
To make our Code work, managers must be responsible for promptly addressing ethical questions or concerns raised by employees and for taking the appropriate steps to deal with such issues. Managers should not consider employees’ ethics concerns as threats or challenge to their authority, but rather an effective form of business communication. At Lahore Transport Company, we want the ethics dialogue to become a natural part of daily work.
  1. Uphold the Law

Lahore Transport Company’s commitment to integrity begins with complying with laws, rules and regulations where we do business. Further, each of us must have an understanding of the company policies, laws, rules and regulations that apply to our specific roles. If we are unsure of whether a contemplated action is permitted by law or Lahore Transport Company policy, we should seek the advice from a resource expert. We are responsible for preventing violations of law and for speaking up if we see possible violations.
  1. Selective Disclosure

We will not selectively disclose (whether in one-on-one or small discussions, meetings, presentations, proposals or otherwise) any material nonpublic information with respect to Lahore Transport Company, its securities, business operations, plans, financial condition, results of operations or any development plan. We should be particularly vigilant when making presentations or proposals to third party companies to ensure that our presentations do not contain material nonpublic information.
  1. Health and Safety

Lahore Transport Company is dedicated to maintaining a healthy environment. A safety manual has been designed to educate you on safety in the workplace. If you do not have a copy of this manual, please see your HR department.
  1. Avoid Conflicts of Interest

We must avoid any relationship or activity that might impair, or even appear to impair, our ability to make objective and fair decisions when performing our jobs. At times, we may be faced with situations where the business actions we take on behalf of Lahore Transport Company may conflict with our own personal or family interests. We owe a duty to Lahore Transport Company to advance its legitimate interests when the opportunity to do so arises. We must never use Lahore Transport Company property or information for personal gain or personally take for ourselves any opportunity that is discovered through our position with Lahore Transport Company.
Here are some other ways in which conflicts of interest could arise:
  1. Being employed (you or a close family member) by, or acting as a consultant to, a competitor or potential competitor, supplier or contractor, regardless of the nature of the employment, while you are employed with Lahore Transport Company.
  2. Hiring or supervising family members or closely related persons.
  3. Serving as a board member for an outside commercial company or organization.
  4. Owning or having a substantial interest in a competitor, supplier or contractor.
  5. Having a personal interest, financial interest or potential gain in any Lahore Transport Company transaction.
  6. Placing company business with a firm owned or controlled by a Lahore Transport Company employee or his or her family.
  7. Accepting gifts, discounts, favors or services from a customer/potential customer, competitor or supplier, unless equally available to all Lahore Transport Company employees.
Determining whether a conflict of interest exists is not always easy to do. Employees with a conflict of interest question should seek advice from management. Before engaging in any activity, transaction or relationship that might give rise to a conflict of interest, employees must seek review from their managers or the HR department.
  1. Accurate Public Disclosures

We will make certain that all disclosures made in financial reports and public documents are full, fair, accurate, timely and understandable. This obligation applies to all employees, including all financial executives, with any responsibility for the preparation for such reports, including drafting, reviewing and signing or certifying the information contained therein. No business goal of any kind is ever an excuse for misrepresenting facts or falsifying records.
Employees should inform Executive Management and the HR department if they learn that information in any filing or public communication was untrue or misleading at the time it was made or if subsequent information would affect a similar future filing or public communication.
  1. Corporate Record keeping

We create, retain and dispose of our company records as part of our normal course of business in compliance with all LTC policies and guidelines, as well as all regulatory and legal requirements.
All corporate records must be true, accurate and complete, and company data must be promptly and accurately entered in our books in accordance with LTC’s and other applicable accounting principles.
We must not improperly influence, manipulate or mislead any unauthorized audit, nor interfere with any auditor engaged to perform an internal independent audit of LTC books, records, processes or internal controls.
  1. Promote Substance Over Form

At times, we are all faced with decisions we would rather not have to make and issues we would prefer to avoid. Sometimes, we hope that if we avoid confronting a problem, it will simply go away.
At Lahore Transport Company, we must have the courage to tackle the tough decisions and make difficult choices, secure in the knowledge that LTC is committed to doing the right thing. At times this will mean doing more than simply what the law requires. Merely because we can pursue a course of action does not mean we should do so.
  1. Accountability

Each of us is responsible for knowing and adhering to the values and standards set forth in this Code and for raising questions if we are uncertain about company policy. If we are concerned whether the standards are being met or are aware of violations of the Code, we must contact the HR department.
Lahore Transport Company takes seriously the standards set forth in the Code, and violations are cause for disciplinary action up to and including termination of employment.
  1. Be Loyal

Integral to Lahore Transport Company’s business success is our protection of confidential company information, as well as nonpublic information entrusted to us by employees, customers and other business partners. Confidential and proprietary information includes such things as pricing and financial data, customer names/addresses or nonpublic information about other companies, including current or potential supplier and vendors. We will not disclose confidential and nonpublic information without a valid business purpose and proper authorization.
  1. Use of Company Resources

Company resources, including time, material, equipment and information, are provided for company business use. Nonetheless, occasional personal use is permissible as long as it does not affect job performance or cause a disruption to the workplace.
Employees and those who represent Lahore Transport Company are trusted to behave responsibly and use good judgment to conserve company resources. Managers are responsible for the resources assigned to their departments and are empowered to resolve issues concerning their proper use.
Generally, we will not use company equipment such as computers, copiers and fax machines in the conduct of an outside business or in support of any religious, political or other outside daily activity, except for company-requested support to nonprofit organizations. We will not solicit contributions nor distribute non-work related materials during work hours.
In order to protect the interests of the Lahore Transport Company network and our fellow employees, Lahore Transport Company reserves the right to monitor or review all data and information contained on an employee’s company-issued computer or electronic device, the use of the Internet or Lahore Transport Company’s intranet. We will not tolerate the use of company resources to create, access, store, print, solicit or send any materials that are harassing, threatening, abusive, sexually explicit or otherwise offensive or inappropriate.